Can I live here?

Oh how I miss NYC… I love how the building in the back looks transparent.
Sometimes I wish I had a little cottage in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains, but then there are times when I want to live in NYC. Walk out of my house and into the streets full of different people all headed somewhere different.

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Speciale x2.
Everyone is subject to their own opinion, you don’t have to put them out there in order to get yours across.
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This season of Korra has been nothing but amazing. I couldn’t resist making fanart after watching the finale. It’s so awesome seeing the elemental bending differences between Aang’s avatar state vs. Korra’s avatar state; how Korra’s was more aggressive in comparison to how balanced Aang’s was. Can’t wait for book 4!

1906; day four xi | banff, sulphur mountain
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